Sunday, November 19, 2017

Collective Community Gratitude Principle

As a thinker I am always striving to state in language, principles that I encounter in daily life. I was so excited when I realized a common principle among humans regardless of age or culture. I was so excited that I told my wife immediately, who being a lot more concrete in her thinking was less than excited. I googled to find if anyone had formally articulated this principle and to my great surprise, no one thus far has. 

So what is this principle which I have entitled The Collective Community Gratitude Principle? It simply this. When one is surrounded by a group of friends, and one person in the midst of a group, does something that merits a thank you. For instance picking up the tab in a restaurant, a mother fixing breakfast for her family, a father taking their family to a leisurely activity etc. The common is response is to forget to respond. 

You are concentrated on the current conversation, recalling old memories. Sitting in the background silently enjoying the community of friends that God has blessed you with. Whatever the case may be. Many times I find myself and countless others forget to thank the person who has is responsible for the act of charity. All of a sudden, especially when it is nearing the time to go separate ways, one remembers the kindness that the individual has shown to the community of friends. 

Here is the essence of the principle. One person remembers the act of kindness shown and extends gratitude to the one who has shown kindness. It is almost if not axiomatic that everyone within the group follows the lead and thanks the person who has shown kindness to the group. No matter culture or age this consistently aapears to be the case, and in fact I have never observed the opposite to be the case. 

My children brought this principle to bear upon my mind this morning. My wonderful wife made her family breakfast and I responded with a much deserved thank you. My children without any prompting whatsoever all chimed in with their own thank yous. Thus showing principally that part of being human is to extend gratitude to those who show kindness. 
Am I assuming or capturing someone else’s original thought? Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated. 

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